What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

The Nathanson Group has handled all of the transactional work for Encore Senior Living, LLC.  Encore’s CEO Peter Muhlbach noted that “We are extremely pleased with the representation that we get from The Nathanson Group.  They are hard working, detail oriented and provide the highest quality of legal services that we could possibly expect.”

The Nathanson Group has represented Marquis Companies I in connection with, among other things, its accounts receivable financing for a number of years.  Marquis’ CFO, Steve Fogg, feels that “The Nathanson Group understands our business and our needs and what is involved when negotiating the terms of an accounts receivable based working capital loan and does a really good job of ensuring that our business and legal needs are met with time and cost efficiency.”

The Nathanson Group has served as counsel to Emeritus Corporation since its first acquisition of an assisted living facility in Renton, Washington in 1993. Commenting on the relationship between Emeritus and The Nathanson Group, Eric Mendelsohn, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, for Emeritus noted that: “Over the years, The Nathanson Group has served in a variety of capacities including lead transaction counsel, special due diligence counsel and special regulatory counsel. But, regardless of the role in which they may serve from one deal to another, there is one constant among all of the deals in which The Nathanson Group is involved and that is the quality and efficiency of the services that they provide to us. Simply put, we know that, without question, we can rely on them to meet our needs in a high quality and time and cost efficient manner.”

Aaron Koelsch, founder and CEO of Koelsch Senior Communities, notes that “I was first referred to The Nathanson Group in 2006 when I was buying out my partner from a series of senior housing facilities that we owned in Washington and California.  To be honest, I thought the deal could be written on the back of a napkin and closed with a handshake. Unfortunately I was wrong. Fortunately I had The Nathanson Group to help document and close the deal in a manner that reflected industry standards and fully protected my interests, while allowing my partner and I to part ways on amicable terms. Since then, I have enjoyed a continuing relationship with The Nathanson Group and have seen that same caliber of work regardless of the nature or size of the transaction which they are handling.”

Richard Manchester entered the nursing home business with the acquisition of a leasehold interest in a nursing home in Southern California.  Richard and his partner were represented by The Nathanson Group in that transaction and according to Richard, “We could not have been more pleased with the quality of the representation which we were provided by The Nathanson Group.  I was a newcomer to the long term care industry when we did that deal and it was reassuring to know we were working with legal counsel who were familiar with the industry and the legal counsel on the other side of the transaction.  I value our continuing relationship with The Nathanson Group as my partner and I grow our nursing home business.”

Bill Shorten and Tom Stanley co-founded Cascade Living Group in late 2005 with the goal of developing and acquiring nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Western United States. Bill and Tom, who have worked with The Nathanson Group for close to 15 years agree that: “The attorneys at The Nathanson Group have a reputation for being among the most highly qualified and experienced transactional attorneys within the long term care and senior housing industry.”

Joan Williams, the CFO of Watercrest Senior Living Group states “we knew that it would be important to the successful implementation of our company’s growth strategy, to engage a law firm that is known within, and fully understands the intricacies of long term care and senior housing.  The Nathanson Group PLLC is that firm.  Their years of experience representing clients in the long term care and senior housing industries make them an invaluable member of the Watercrest team.”