How Do We Meet Our Clients’ Needs?

Managing and Staffing a Transaction. Each new transaction is evaluated in terms of its staffing needs. We make it our goal to staff a deal efficiently in order to ensure that we have assigned the number of attorneys, paralegals and other support staff necessary to ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and closes on a timely basis.

Cooperative Relationships. We are able to meet the needs of our clients on a national basis through the relationships we have formed over the years with various third parties operating within the long term care and senior housing industries, such as other lawyers, title companies, surveyors and environmental consultants. Those relationships allow us, on behalf of our clients, to tap into valuable resources as and when needed. Those reasons may range from using a local attorney’s relationship with the applicable regulatory authorities to help us sort out an issue that is holding up a closing, to contracting with a survey firm that will meet our client’s time and cost constraints to working with a title company that will go the extra mile to help us resolve a title issue.

Expertise in the Industry. As a result of our years of working within the long term care and senior housing industries we bring to our clients a true understanding of the industries in which they operate and good working relationships with the parties involved in a transaction.